What should she read?

A family guide to great books for girls

Bringing girls and their families together through literature

We read to know we are not alone. C.S. Lewis
  • Literary books for parents and daughters to read together
  • Stories to help girls become virtuous young women
  • A varied selection so there's something everyone will enjoy
  • Discussion questions to spark conversation when you’re finished reading

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About Me

I teach English at the Brookewood School, a Catholic girls’ school in Kensington, Maryland. I have more than ten years’ experience teaching young people to enjoy reading. My goal is to help young women and their families find books that capture their imaginations—and their hearts.

I received my Master’s degree in English literature from Oxford University in 2009. I like to spend time with my husband, who operates Electric Eloquence and designed this site. I recently completed my second novel. We’re expecting our first child in June 2011.